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A Few Words on Samplebase

Samplebase is a whole new sample download system that rises above the clamor of amateur websites. Samplebase is as revolutionary as it is easy. It gives you fast access to thousands of new, big budget samples at affordable prices. If you want to download samples, download drum loops, download instrument loops, download multisampled instruments, or download loops royalty free, Samplebase is the fast and professional way to expand your sonic palette, and create great music.

Samplebase gives you what other download sites missmasterful, consistent execution, sonic variety, and a dedicated, free VST/AU/RTAS sample-synth engine that guarantees great results from every sound collection on the site.


It seems a lot of new sample libraries try to be all things to all people, with gigantic collections of sounds that cover a lot of ground, but with inconsistent results. Music is as diverse as the musicians who make it. Wouldn't it be great to find only the samples you need when you need them, without wasting time and money on sounds you don't? Samplebase's growing repertoire of sample collections, called SoundBlocks, let you do just that. Whether you want to download beats, or download strings, our SoundBlocks are focused, inexpensive seeds of inspiration that will serve up just what you need, when you need it, 24-7.

Our SoundBlocks come in two categories, Instrument Sets, which are either loops or multisamples that are organized by instrument type or category, and Construction Kits, which are genre specific sample and loop libraries that allow the user to create an entire track in a certain style of music.

Downloadable Instrument Set Categories:

Downloadable Construction Kit Categories:

(The Electronic Music Construction Kits include styles such as Trance music samples, Dance/House, Electro-House, Downtempo, among others. All construction kits contain drum and/or percussion loops, e.g., Latin Music Construction Kits include Latin drum loops.)

Results You Can Count On

We musicians are now overloaded with alternatives to the hardware sampler and audio sample CD. The internet-wired computer is an amazing tool for making music. We use our new tools to create music remixes, mixes, and beats. We download acid loops, and acoustic guitar samples. We download real acoustic drum loops and download drum kit samples. We download free vst instruments. For computer music making, we download loops for Cakewalk and we use other programs such as Finale, Reason, Logic, Fruity Loops, and Sonar, download samples, download free loops, download wav files, download synths. And there is no shortage of free samples to use for music making. So many choices.

When you create music, especially when you create digital music, the experience should be, most of all, fun. But if you cant find what you're looking for, or count on consistent results from your sample sources, it can be a tedious chore. Creative flow can be challenging enough without having to weed through tons of Wav, Acid, Rex, or Apple Loops files to find a diamond in the rough. Samplebase solves that problem three ways, first by presenting small, focused blocks of samples that make it easy to see what you're getting. For example, if you're looking for a solo violin sample, or DJ scratch samples, all you have to do is find the appropriate category and scan the list. We also have our own A&R department that assures consistently good quality in our SoundBlocks. The third solution to the option overload problem is our free sample synth player called Satellite.

Sounds in Orbit

Our exclusive Satellite sample-synth player is a Stand-Alone, VST, Audio Units (AU) and Pro Tools (RTAS) plug-in instrument designed exclusively to load and play Samplebase SoundBlocks. Whether playing multisampled instruments, drum loops, phrase menus, or construction kits, Satellite has all the essential features to make our SoundBlocks work for you.

If you like working with virtual instruments, download Satellite. Upgrade to Satellite Pro for even more control, create your own SoundBlocks, and load Rex, Aiff, Wav and Apple Loops files. Both Satellite and Satellite Pro work with music making software such as Logic, Pro Tools, Garage Band, Cakewalk Sonar, Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Project 5, Tracktion, Acid, and others.

Why Try Samplebase?

With all the other sample download sites out there, why should you choose Samplebase? First and foremost, the sounds are amazing. We only work with the best producers to create Samplebase SoundBlocks, producers who are up on the trends, know how to get great sounds, and know what it takes to impress in today's music world. Secondly, Samplebase incorporates some cutting-edge technology, not only in the free Satellite sample-synth player, but with our custom ecommerce backend that makes buying and downloading sounds both painless and convenient. Case in point, once you buy a SoundBlock, you can come back to the site to re-download it as many times as you need! We also have real-human customer support that will answer all your questions, even on weekends, to help you download music samples. And as if that weren't enough, how about free sounds? Our Ignition SoundBlock is free to all Samplebase visitors and contains lots of free drum loops, free sound samples, and free instruments. Whether you need royalty free beats, or silky smooth pads, our Ignition SoundBlock is a great way to get the complete Samplebase experience without spending a cent.

What Customers are Saying

I write a variety of music... jingles, underscore, dance music. I also do a lot of remixing and mash-ups. The Satellite sampler and the Samplebase collections add something to all my work. They've really inspired me to write some new and exciting stuff.

I love this sampler. It's fun and easy to use, and at the same time it's diverse enough for all my musical needs. Plus the samples are really top shelf. I love the drums, the strings, and the ethnic instruments. The vintage analog leads collection just blew my mind. Why spend money on overpriced plug-ins? For very reasonable prices I now have access to a whole new variety of loops, instruments and sound FX. I am often disappointed by sample libraries, particularly loop libraries that claim to have new and exciting sounds. They are often redundant and annoying. Samplebase really surprised me. I found myself going back to download new samples many times a day.

--Jordan Lieb

Samplebase is one of those perfect internet moments where a great idea gets turned into an excellent reality. Within 15 minutes from downloading everything I had the sounds up and running and straight into a new track... You know a website is living up to its hype when you make way for it on your favorites bar

--James Wiltshire (Freemasons)
Chart-topping producers/remixers
Beyoncè, Faith Evans, Luther Vandross

Minimum Musical Standard

If you're serious about your music, bookmark Samplebase. Its the only sample download site that features an A&R department, assuring that every SoundBlock offered on the site is authentic and musical. Its the only sample download site that takes sonic risks but doesn't compromise on the details. Its the only sample download site that features a growing compendium of work from vanguard red-carpet producers. And its the only sample download site endorsed by and partnered with the industry-leading music soundware distributor ILIO. From wicked drum loops to orchestra samples, from acoustic guitar samples to Hip Hop samples, from trance loops to dance loops, from beats samples to DJ scratch samples, Samplebase has you covered with the best sounds on the internet.

Getting started with Samplebase couldn't be easier! Just click here, download the free Ignition SoundBlock and free Satellite sample-synth player, and rediscover the fun of making music!